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The office staff is professional and courteous. More importantly, Dr.Goranov was more interested in fixing my problem areas rather than trying to talk me into cosmetic work costing me much; making him much. Which is what I experienced the the last 2 years with other dentists. I had two teeth that needed work quickly and I could tell he had a sincere professional concern for me and did a great job. I strongly recommend him.
- Alvin
The staff was very friendly and supportive as I was apprehensive of the procedure I was having done. It was a piece of cake with their support and encouragement. I would highly recommend “Dr. Nik” to anyone seeking a caring and compassionate dental experience.
- Ronda
I was very happy and pleased with the level of professionalism and service provided by Dr. Goranov. He answered all my questions with great care and clear explanation. The procedures I have had so far, including dental implants, have gone exceptionally well. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Absolutely no stress involved. I highly recommend Dr. Goranov Dental office.
- Vanya
Dr. Goranov has gone out of his way to help with my dental care. His office staff has a family atmosphere and is very welcoming.
- Gary
I started having work done at Dr. Goranov’s office a few months ago. His staff is wonderful and friendly, and very competent. Dr. Goranov does beautiful work and uses state of the art eqipment. I am having extensive work done, and find the experience to be very pleasant! I would recommend this office to everyone.
- Toby
One of the best dentists ever. I had multiple procedures done by Doctor Nik back in 2011 and now, in 2016, there have been no problems. A cool guy who likes what he does.
- Chris
I cannot say enough positive things about my experiences at Tropic Dental. Doctor Nikola Goranov and his team consisting of Joanne, Susie, and Nancy are highly skilled, efficient, professional, and personable. Recently, I was nervous about having a dental implant. The entire team assured me that the procedure was not nearly as bad as it sounds. They addressed every concern that I had and explained the procedure in detail as we went along. It turned out to be not bad at all. If you’re in the market for a new dental office, give Tropic Dental a try. You won’t be disappointed.
- Betty