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Tooth Extraction

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While the notion of extraction can cause some people to feel anxious, we here at Tropic Dental aim to offer the quickest, safest, and most pain-free process. Sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary, especially during adulthood. There are a wide variety of reasons to have a tooth extraction, from tooth decay to chipped teeth.

Tooth Extraction – When Is It Necessary?

The recommendation that a patient will require a tooth extraction will come at the advice of our dentist. If there is no other way to repair a damaged tooth, removal will be the last option available. Our team always puts maximum effort into trying to save the natural tooth. There are also instances wherein teeth’s positioning in the mouth is poor. This will cause impacted teeth, which can lead to chronic pain. Another reason for tooth extraction is if the patient is undergoing an orthodontic treatment that requires individual teeth to be removed, such as getting dentures.

The primary reason for tooth removal with most of our patients is tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria managing to enter the pulp and spreading infection, which can affect multiple teeth. While a root canal therapy will often be enough to fix this issue, some more severe cases of tooth decay and infection will require total tooth extraction.

The Benefits of Tooth Extraction

We offer the safest and quickest tooth extraction procedures with our experienced team of dentists. Though extreme, this procedure can offer several key benefits to the patient. Constant toothache will be entirely relieved once the infected tooth has been removed and the area is adequately cleaned. We understand that tooth removal can be disfiguring and cause anxiety, but you should note the far worse health problems that can be alleviated through this quick dental extraction.

As always, we believe that prevention is better than cure. Hence, if we can avert further damage to your oral cavity via tooth extraction, then we highly recommend nipping the problem in the bud as soon as possible. An extraction can also provide the opportunity to take advantage of other restorative treatments that will improve your smile and bite.

We have also done tooth extraction procedures on patients to fix crooked teeth. Sometimes, a person's teeth do not grow ideally. The teeth may end up coming in at slightly different angles. We have also treated patients with teeth that have significant gaps between them. The tooth can also develop way too close to another one, which can cause impacted teeth. This condition can be quite painful and lead to an incomplete set of teeth. Our dentist will perform a tooth removal to alleviate the pain and help correct teeth formation.

Like we have stated earlier, some of the more serious dental problems can be prevented during the early stages. A tooth extraction procedure can help eliminate future issues that can be quite expensive to treat. If you are experiencing some level of discomfort or toothache, drop by our clinic, or call us at Tropic Dental at (239) 226-0023.

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