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Root Canal Therapy

Diagram of tooth showing tooth root
Here at Tropic Dental we conduct root canal procedures to remedy cases of severe tooth decay. A root canal involves removing damaged nerves from the tooth root that has been eaten away by decay. This helps save the tooth from further damage. Many people are afraid of the root canal procedure since it is believed to be an excruciatingly painful ordeal. In as much as some discomfort is inevitable, it is not as painful as some people might try to paint it.

Our endodontists are highly qualified and will do their best to ensure you remain as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. We also have innovative techniques and technologies that ensure the treatment is quite comfortable and does not take long. Ordinarily, you will need not more than two appointments with our endodontist.

Root Canal Procedure

The root canal procedure is usually a four-step procedure. Our endodontist will first administer local anesthesia to ensure you are numb. He or she will then place a dental dam around the tooth to isolate it and keep it dry and clean. Our endodontist will use tools such as drills and files to remove the decayed material.

A small drill is used to remove the cap of the tooth and create an opening. The file is used to etch away the decayed pulp from the tooth. He or she must remove all the decayed material, before filing the inside of the tooth to prepare it for fillings. The pulp is the soft tissue inside a tooth that goes down to the tooth root. It is full of blood vessels and nerves, but they are usually damaged when you have severe tooth decay.

Our endodontist will then irrigate the inside of the tooth with water, and disinfect it with an antimicrobial solution. A rubber-like material is used to fill up the cavity left temporarily, as you wait to undergo the filling procedure.

As mentioned earlier, the root canal procedure is necessitated by deep tooth infection. Such infections can lead to tooth loss if they are not treated in time. Our dentists will first carefully examine you to determine whether you require a root canal procedure.

Saving the Natural Tooth

Our endodontists have the aim of saving the natural tooth while conducting the root canal procedure. There are a lot of benefits to saving the natural tooth, even if the pulp has to be removed. For an adult, the tooth can function normally without the pulp. A natural tooth chews quite efficiently, and the biting sensation and force remain normal.

It is important that the natural tooth remains in a position to ensure no strain is placed on the other teeth as well. The natural tooth also ensures you maintain the normal appearance of your tooth structure. The bottom line is that tooth extraction should always be the last resort when it comes to decayed teeth. A root canal can save a tooth that seems irredeemable. Call Tropic Dental at (239) 226-0023 to find out more about the root canal procedure. Better yet, come to our clinic if you need any kind of dental health attention.
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