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Porcelain Crowns

An image of a porcelain crownOur experts here at Tropic Dental are well equipped to give you perfect crowns. Crowns are ceramic or porcelain prosthetics cemented on your teeth to encircle or cap them completely. Crowns are mostly used for restoring teeth that have large cavities. Some people choose the attachment of crowns on their teeth for cosmetic purposes, especially where discolored teeth are present. The procedure is permanent as the cemented crowns are not removable.

Various materials are used to make crowns, and they include ceramic, porcelain, resin, or stainless steel. For discoloration purposes or cosmetic purposes, ceramic and porcelain are the preferred materials for crowns. Weak teeth are mostly dressed with stainless steel crowns. The type of crown suitable for you will be determined by various factors. Visiting us will be helpful as we will explore your current situation and provide the best advice regarding the suitable crown for you.

The Process of Crowning

The simple crown attachment procedure may require you to visit our office at least twice. Our experts will examine your tooth on your first visit to prepare it for receiving the crown. Our experts begin by filling up your tooth to prepare it to hold the crown. Our expert will fill up the gap when trying to rectify gap issues in the tooth with the filling made in the shape of the tooth prior to attaching it to the crown.

After shaping the tooth for crowning, our experts will make an impression of the tooth, which will take to the lab to be used to make the crown. To protect the filling in your teeth while waiting for your permanent crown, your teeth will be fitted with a temporary crown. The temporary crown will be removed one the crown has been prepared, and the permanent crown fitted on your teeth and cemented. You will have to bear with the crown for a while before it begins feeling normal.

Maintaining Hygiene

Our team of experts will guide you on how to maintain the crown and your overall oral health. You will be advised on the importance of oral hygiene to makes sure that the crown remains in good condition. Since crowns last for a lifetime, you are required to take care not to damage the crown or let it get discolored due to failure to properly clean your teeth. You will be well advised to avoid chewing on or biting extra tough food using the crown. Occasionally visiting us for a checkup is encouraged to make sure the condition of the crown is still perfect.

Your teeth issues will be effectively solved with crowns, which will also improve your appearance. Our professionals can also rectify inherent issues like tooth gaps easily using crowns. Only a professional should do the crowning procedure on you despite the procedure being fairly simple, and you can trust our qualified team of professionals for the best results.

Call us for any inquiries about crowns here at Tropic Dental at (239) 226-0023 today! Our team just can’t wait to help you with any dentistry needs you may have.
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Our experts here at Tropic Dental are well equipped to give you perfect crowns. Crowns are ceramic or porcelain prosthetics cemented on your teeth to encircle or cap them completely.
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