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Periodontal Care

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Periodontal care at Tropic Dental offers preventive, diagnostic, and treatment options that target the area around the tooth, which is the meaning of the term periodontal. Our periodontist is the specialist that focuses on periodontal disease.

About Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a severe form of gum disease. Our specialist will describe mild forms of gum disease with the term gingivitis, a condition characterized by pain, bleeding, inflamed gums, and bad breath. We describe the severe form of periodontal disease like periodontitis, implying extreme symptoms like the formation of pockets when the distance between your tooth and the gum is beyond 3 millimeters. Periodontitis is also symptomized by loose teeth or eventual tooth loss.

Periodontal disease is rampant. A study by The Lancet indicates that acute periodontal disease was the 11th most common disease in the world in 2016. The primary cause of periodontal disease is poor oral hygiene that allows the buildup of plaque bacteria. Our dentist may bring to your attention other secondary causes including smoking, hormonal imbalance in women, and diseases such as diabetes and HIV/AIDs.

Details on Periodontal Care

Considering that periodontal disease is primarily triggered by poor oral hygiene, we always advocate for a preventive approach to the disease by insisting on routine dental care. This means faithfully brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing at least once a day, and using an antibacterial mouthwash to clean any adamant bacteria left by brushing and flossing.

If you have gingivitis, we will perform routine cleaning and advise you to be keen on daily oral hygiene. Gingivitis can easily be reversed by good home oral care. We may also recommend you use an electric toothbrush and specific types of toothpaste to achieve better results.

If your gum disease has progressed to periodontitis, we will recommend a treatment plan appropriate for your specific case. The most common treatment for periodontitis is scaling and planing, otherwise known as deep cleaning. Our dentist uses a scaler to rid your teeth of plaque and tartar and consequently smoothens the rough surfaces of the root, and treats bacteria in a bid to allow the gum reattach. If you have gum recession and exposed tooth roots, we will recommend a gum graft to repair your damaged gum and stop the recession. This means that we will harvest skin from your palate and attach it to the affected areas or use gum skin from healthy parts and attach them to the adjacent affected areas.

If your tooth bone has been destroyed, our specialist will recommend regenerative procedures to restore the damaged tissue and bone. Usually, we will lift the gum in the affected area, clean the bacteria that’s causing the problem, and perform bone grafts. We may also plant tissue-generating proteins in the damaged parts to help regenerate the bone and tissue. If periodontal disease has caused the loss of teeth, we will opt for conventional dentures or dental implants to hold artificial teeth and bridge the gap left by missing natural teeth.

Periodontal care may sometimes have a cosmetic rather than a treatment goal. In such cases, our periodontist will opt for a surgical option to meet your purpose. The most common periodontal cosmetic surgery that we offer is for gummy smile; when you feel that your teeth are too short and your gum covers too much of the tooth. Overall, we will insist that these procedures work better if supported by daily oral hygiene practices.

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Periodontal care at Tropic Dental offers preventive, diagnostic, and treatment options. Call Tropic Dental in Fort Myers today to learn more.
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