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Dentistry for Kids

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Among the specialists at Tropic Dental is a pediatric dentist. We consider dentistry for kids a special part of our professional focus. Our professional kids’ dentist provides oral care for infants, children, and teens. Taking care of your child’s teeth is crucial because it sets the tone for oral health in adult years. Since kids may not always be enthusiastic about dental visits, our pediatric dentist is keen about making a positive impression so that your child will be at ease with the first and the consequent dental visits.

Why You Should Hire A Pediatric Dentist

Children generally have the same dental issues as adults. However, their developmental teething issues make their oral needs unique and different from those of adults. For example, infants begin to grow their temporary teeth at 6 months and begin to lose them to make space for the permanent teeth at the age of 6. Our pediatric dentist has extra years of specialized study in children’s dentistry beyond the ordinary dental school. We, therefore, understand the experiences of children with growing and falling out teeth. Besides, our specialist is also trained in dealing with children’s fear of dental visits.

Our kids’ dentist is aware that a lot of dental issues among children are caused by the extreme consumption of sugar and starch, unbalanced diet, and poor oral hygiene. We will, therefore, give you nutrition and diet advice to help your child’s oral health. We also insist on the routine oral care practices that you should help your child to maintain.

We ensure that our pediatric dentist works in a child-friendly environment. The dental chair and all other equipment are designed to make the child feel comfortable. Our waiting room is child-friendly with decors suggesting to the child that having a dental checkup is something enjoyable. Besides, kids can play with toys and maintain a calm disposition while they wait for their turn to see the dentist.

The Expertise of a Pediatric Dentist

Our pediatric dentist performs oral exams for your child to assess possible risks for dental caries or treat existing ones. We will inform you about the dental caries risks associated with the bedtime bottles. We also call your attention to the possibility of an unaligned bite if your child has prolonged use of the pacifier or thumb sucking.

To shield your child from oral diseases, our pediatric dentist will recommend preventive care. We may suggest routine cleaning and fluoride treatments to protect your child’s teeth. These procedures are important even for temporary teeth because they ensure a healthy gum for the permanent tooth. The growth of healthy permanent teeth relies on well-aligned temporary teeth. To guarantee this, our kids’ dentist may recommend procedures for straightening teeth. In case of a shark tooth that does not have the space to grow because the milk tooth does not fall after a few weeks, our pediatric dentist will recommend removing the temporary tooth to make room for the permanent tooth.

If your child has these or any other dental issues, make an appointment with our pediatric dentist by calling us at Tropic Dental at (239) 226-0023 today.

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Among the specialists at Tropic Dental is a pediatric dentist. We consider dentistry for kids a special part of our professional focus. Contact us.
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