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Dental Exam

Woman having dental exam.Anytime you visit Tropic Dental, we always insist that regular dental exam is important in maintaining both oral and overall health. You should, therefore, not be surprised to see our dental hygienist or our dentist checking not just your teeth but also your throat, tongue, head, face, and neck. Dental issues may affect the surrounding and other parts of the body. Similarly, oral problems may be symptoms of other health issues such as diabetes or rheumatic arthritis. We normally recommend two dental exams in a year to maintain oral health and enhance overall health. If you have specific oral problems, our specialist may recommend more frequent visits.

Reasons for Frequent Dental Visits

Daily oral care through brushing and flossing prevents the buildup of plaque that eventually hardens into calculus. But home oral care may not eliminate all the plaque between your teeth. You need professional attention to ensure that tartar does not build on the surface or between your teeth. Frequent dental visits will help rid your teeth of plaque and tartar.

If you have dental issues such as cavities or gum recession, our dentist will ask you to make more than the usual two annual visits. This may imply follow up on treatments or preventive measures for oral problems that our dentist may have detected.

Our specialist will also schedule you for frequent dentist visits if they notice signs of oral cancer or if you have habits that predispose you to dental problems. These habits may include smoking, teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and excessive consumption of sweets, among others.

The Typical Dental Exam

Anytime you visit our clinic; we will always perform a comprehensive dental exam proper to your case. The first thing we will do is create your medical history. If it is your first visit, we will ask you about oral issues you may have noticed prior to the visit and about any allergies and chronic diseases. We will also ask if you are on any medication and whether you smoke or consume alcohol. If you are making a routine visit, questions related to your medical history will target any changes you may have undergone since your last visit. This may include being on medication or undergoing surgery.

Based on the medical history, we will proceed to do the dental exam and check your teeth, jaw, gum and the other dental structures. Our dentist will be keen to notice any signs of gum disease or dental caries. If we suspect issues that are not visible to the naked eye, we may recommend an x-ray or dental scan to make a more precise diagnosis.

Once the examination is complete, a dental cleaning will be done. If you have a healthy mouth, our dental hygienist or our dentist will do routine cleaning (prophylaxis). If pocketing is detected, a deep cleaning (scaling and planing) will be done. A debridement will be done if you have heavy plaque and tartar buildup to prepare your mouth and teeth for a more precise exam and eventual treatment.

We conclude the dental exam by reminding you about key oral care routines that will help you avoid future problems. We will also discuss any concerns from the results of the exam and finally reschedule you for your next visit. Call us at Tropic Dental at (239) 226-0023 to schedule an appointment.
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We normally recommend two dental exams a year to maintain oral health and enhance overall health. Call Nikola Goranov, DMD, PLLC, in Fort Myers today (239) 244-1555.
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