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Dental Crown

Rendering of jaw with dental crown
Looking for a way to restore damaged pearly whites back to their former glory and with a considerable improvement in strength? We here at Tropic Dental aim to assist our clients with their dental care with the most professional and reliable approach. Crowns are used to improve both the strength and appearance of a damaged tooth. As the name suggests, crowns are placed over a damaged tooth to maintain its shape and alignment while protecting it from further harm.

There are a wide variety of materials used in this type of procedure. Crowns can be made from porcelain, ceramic, resin, and metal. As you would expect, metal offers the highest level of durability and can last for quite a long time. The two most common materials used are porcelain and ceramic. The advantage of these two materials in terms of crown procedure result is that they deliver the most natural-looking color. Porcelain and ceramic are also best suited for individuals who have some form of an allergic reaction to metal.

Then we have resin crowns. This type of crown is far less expensive than the rest but is not precisely designed to last, as it is not as strong and is thus more susceptible to chipping and cracks.

Preparing to Fit the Crown

Our staff will be guiding you through the steps of this procedure, and our group of experienced dentists will ensure that everything will go as smoothly as possible. Before the crown can be set in place, the tooth or teeth that will be worked on must be reduced in size to guarantee that the crown will be able to fit perfectly.

Once the damaged tooth is filed down to the appropriate size, our dentist will then take an impression, or mold, of your teeth to create the right crown size. For those who will be using porcelain crowns, the dentist will assess the right shade to apply for the crown to naturally blend in with existing teeth.

A temporary crown will be placed while the permanent crown is being prepared. Once the permanent is crown is ready, you will be asked to come by the clinic as soon as possible. This will be the final step as we fit your brand-new permanent crown in its correct place.

Final Placement

Placement of the crown is relatively painless as you will be given local anesthesia. If the tooth is not connected to a nerve, then our dentist might even forgo the use of local anesthetics. Expect to come to our clinic two times in two weeks to complete this procedure.

You also don't need to worry about the crown being noticeable, as our dentist will ensure it will match the color of your existing teeth as closely as possible. Cost of crowns will depend on the number of teeth that need to be treated as well as the material which will be used. You can inquire about this procedure directly by calling us at Tropic Dental at (239) 226-0023.
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Dental Crowns are used to improve both the strength and appearance of a damaged tooth. Call Nikola Goranov, DMD, PLLC, in Fort Myers today.
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