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Dental Cleanings

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Dental cleaning at Tropic Dental helps you remove the hardened plaque deposits that have turned into calculus. Whereas daily teeth brushing and flossing is crucial in preventing plaque buildup, comprehensive dental care requires more than these daily routines. We always advise our patients to have a professional dental cleaning every six months. Professional cleaning generally achieves cleaner teeth and mouth. However, our dentist will decide the type of cleaning you need depending on the situation of your teeth.

Types of Cleaning

If your teeth and mouth are healthy, and you only need routine care, we will perform prophylaxis cleaning, simply referred to as routine cleaning. Our dentist will remove any plaque and tartar clogged between your teeth or on the inner and outer surface. We will also work to eliminate any stains on the enamel.

If you have pocketing, we will opt for deep cleaning. Our dentists may alternatively refer to it as scaling and planing. Pocketing means that the area between the tooth and gum is more than 3 millimeters deep, which points to imminent or actual gum disease. When we do scaling, we will use a manual or electric scaler to remove plaque and calculus from both the pocket area and the surface of the teeth. Planing targets the roots and is aimed at smoothening the root surface so the gum can be healed and bacterial infection prevented. Our dentist may also opt to flip your gums and do thorough cleaning if your dental pockets are too deep.

Individuals who have neglected their daily dental care and have abandoned their dental visits for a long time may have extreme plaque and tartar buildup. In such cases, it becomes difficult for us to perform a normal exam or make out if the teeth have other dental issues. A debridement is done to remove the gross deposits of plaque and tartar. Debridement serves as a primary procedure before our specialist can continue to examine and treat other dental issues.

The Specifics of The Cleaning Procedure

When you come to our clinic for a dental checkup, our dental hygienist will use a mirror to examine your mouth and look out for any signs of teeth or gum issues. Depending on your situation, the cleaning procedure will be initiated. Our dental professional uses a scaler to scrape off the tartar from your teeth. The scraping sound may be uncomfortable, but it is important to know that it’s normal.

Once all the plaque and tartar are eliminated, we will use an electric toothbrush and a toothpaste that has particles meant to scrub your teeth and deep clean them. The procedure has a grinding effect. Our professional will then do flossing to ensure no plaque or toothpaste is left between the teeth. We will then ask you to rinse your mouth before doing the fluoride treatment.

The fluoride treatment is the final step and is important in ensuring that your cleansed mouth and teeth are protected from bacteria and cavity for the minimum period of six months. The procedure involves applying a fluoride gel or varnish over your teeth using a brush or a mouthpiece that is placed over your teeth. For more information, call us at Tropic Dental at (239) 226-0023 today.
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