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Dental Bridge
Fort Myers, FL

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Fixed dental bridges and implants at Tropic Dental
It is, unfortunately, quite common for some people today to not have a complete row of teeth. Fortunately, we here at Tropic Dental offer you, our client, the perfect solution to bringing back that smile and boosting self-esteem through a dental procedure known as a dental bridge.

Dental bridges use what is called a fake or false tooth, also known as a pontic, to fill in the gaps of missing teeth. The pontic can be made from a wide variety of material, but the most commonly used is porcelain due to its natural appearance that is quite similar to that of a tooth.

Building Bridges

We offer four types of dental bridges to our clients, all of which are handled by one of our certified and veteran dentists. The traditional dental bridge is the most common type. With this kind of bridge, we fix pontics (which are fake teeth) onto the missing space in between the row of teeth via dental crowns. The crowns are placed onto the adjacent teeth next to the missing tooth.

Another type of dental bridge is the cantilever. It is quite similar to the traditional bridge with the exception of having the pontic being supported by a crown on one side only. This is the best approach if there is only a single natural tooth next to the row gap as the bridge can be efficiently and adequately secured in place.

We also offer Maryland bridges for those looking for a more conservative alternative. This procedure will not incorporate crowns and will primarily be held in place with the help of a framework made from either metal or porcelain material.

We also offer another alternative dental bridge in the form of implant-supported bridges. This type of dental bridge does not use a sort of framework or crowns to install the pontics. Instead, this type of bridge will use dental implants. We consider this the most comfortable type of dental bridge due to its unobtrusive nature.

What to Expect

Our clinic will require patients to attend multiple visits during this procedure. This holds with our traditional dental bridge procedure as the patient will need to undergo teeth filing, crown fitting, and fixing the bridge in place. Our dentist will ensure that both crown and bridge will be optimized to fit with each patient, and is the main reason why multiple procedures/visits are necessary.

The procedure itself is painless as the client will be given a local anesthetic. Once the procedure is completed, our patients can expect their teeth to be back to normal. Bridges are also designed to be permanent, and while that is not a guarantee as some unforeseen incident might occur, our dentist will guide you to ensure the bridge will last for as long as needed.

Visit our clinic to find out more about getting a bridge and other restorative dental procedures. You can also reach us via phone by calling us Tropic Dental at (239) 226-0023. Take advantage of our superb dental services today!

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