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Why Are My Teeth Shifting?

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Tropic Dental
Why Are My Teeth Shifting?Just like your body changes, the teeth change too, it might be surprising if shifting occurs for the first time. Finding your teeth not where they are used to be can even be traumatizing. Visit the dentist so that you can understand what to expect when you experience teeth shifting. Some myths and facts are associated with teeth shifting.

The wisdom teeth and last set of teeth grow and get impaction due to the limited space. The pressure from third molars pushes teeth forward and this causes them to shift. However, the dentist does not recommend the removal of third molars to prevent shifting instead the dentist will recommend removal in case of infection, pain, and pathological reasons.

The lower jaw never stops growing

The lower jaw continues the growth process throughout your life and this could be a reason for shifting teeth. The forward growth of the jaw is in small bits and the lower teeth bump into upper front teeth from behind and can cause upper front teeth to space out or lower front teeth to become crowded. If you do not have retainers this is what happens and for instance, a gap between your upper front teeth continue to expand.

Dental procedures leading to tooth loss

Teeth continue to grow throughout human life if you remove one of your teeth next to it and the opposite will shift into the space. Tooth loss can be because of several reasons like having a periodontal disease that causes bone loss. Periodontal gum disease involves the loss of tissue that is surrounding the teeth and mainly the gum tissue and the bone. This means that your teeth got less support and can cause gaps to be between your teeth. This in turn causes the teeth remaining in the mouth to shift. Talk to the dentist about what to expect when teeth are shifting.

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