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Snoring is Not a Noise to Ignore

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Tropic Dental
Snoring is Not a Noise to IgnoreSnoring is not only annoying but can also affect your oral health. There are many causes of snoring, and most of them can be linked to your oral health. It is important to know the connection between snoring and your oral health for better evaluation.

Snoring and Oral Health

Snoring is a result of complications in your mouth. When you sleep, the tissues in the upper part of your mouth, tongue, and throat tend to relax. In some cases, these tissues relax too much to an extent that they block the airway. This happens mostly in those that sleep on their back. As air goes through the throat, the relaxed soft tissues vibrate in a way that produces the snoring sound. The snoring will be louder when the airway becomes narrower. In some cases, snoring occurs when the airway is obstructed. The obstruction can be caused by soft tissues in your mouth or your tongue. Loud snoring will only affect those around you but could also lead to various oral complications.

For instance, snoring throughout the night results in fatigue or tiredness during the day. You could lack sufficient oxygen at night if your snoring is too severe. Snoring has also been linked to dry mouth, a condition that results in insufficient saliva. When snoring, you breathe through your mouth. This dries up saliva in your mouth and leads to a dry mouth. This condition poses a serious risk to your oral health. For instance, it results in bacteria build-up that causes oral infections. A dry mouth can also lead to bad breath. Dangerous oral conditions like gum disease could also be caused by dry mouth. This condition will not only damage your gums but also cause tooth loss if left untreated.

Let Us Help

These are all reasons why snoring shouldn't be ignored. Schedule an appointment with us for more information on snoring.
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