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Home Remedies for Sensitive Teeth

Posted on 4/26/2021 by Tropic Dental
Home Remedies for Sensitive TeethSensitive teeth can often make it painful to eat and drink. There is no need to worry as tooth sensitivity is known to be a common and curable condition.

About 1 out of 8 people experience tooth sensitivity in their lifetime. Here are some home remedies to help you get rid of the condition:

Desensitizing Toothpaste

Desensitizing toothpaste consist of chemical compounds that protect our nerve endings from irritants. A crucial ingredient in this regard is potassium nitrate, which blocks the pain signals from your tooth to your brain. If you are suffering from tooth sensitivity, use a soft-bristle toothbrush and low-acid mouthwashes.

Saltwater Rinse

Take a small cup of lukewarm water and add half a teaspoon of salt in it. After mixing it well, swish the solution inside your mouth for about 30 seconds before spitting it out. Saltwater solution works as an antiseptic that may also reduce inflammation.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant and mild antiseptic. It is often used to sterilize burns, cuts, and other wounds. Simply add two cups of hydrogen peroxide to an equal ratio of warm water. Swish the solution in your mouth for up to 30 seconds and then spit it out. Make sure you rinse your mouth to flush out any remnants of hydrogen peroxide.


You may be aware of the use of turmeric in cooking, but its healing properties also make it a cure for inflammation. Thoroughly massage ground turmeric on the surfaces of your teeth. You can also make a paste using one teaspoon of turmeric, half teaspoon of salt, and half teaspoon of lukewarm water. Use a finger to rub it over your teeth and gums to decrease pain.

To prevent tooth sensitivity, use a soft brush and abstain from acidic foods. If you continue to suffer from sensitivity despite attempts to treat it, schedule an appointment with us at Tropic Dental by calling us at Tropic Dental today.
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