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Snacks You Should Avoid for the Healthiest Teeth

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Tropic Dental
Snacks You Should Avoid for the Healthiest TeethWhen it comes to what we eat, everything is considered good when it is consumed in balance. Every food and drink can be enjoyed, if it is part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. No food will damage your teeth and gums, if consumed responsibly and you practice good oral care at home.

Why Is Sugar So Bad?

When we consume too much sugar and our mouth is exposed to it for too long, this is when dental problems occur. Sugary food and drink are one of the leading causes in tooth decay, infections, and other dental diseases.

When the bacteria in our mouth tries to break down the sugar, acid is produced. This acid then dissolves the tooth surface, known as enamel, so if sugar is consumed over a prolonged period acid will attack teeth.

Sugary foods that are best to be avoided or consumed responsibly are products like cakes, candy, sugary cereal, biscuits, and flavored milk.

Other Foods to Avoid

Starchy foods like potato chips, bread, and pasta gets easily stuck in the mouth. If food is left for too long and continually, it can cause tooth decay.

Alcoholic beverages work at drying out the mouth. For your mouth to be able to remove food particles, there needs to be a regular intake of fluid, but alcohol can work against all the fluid that you have had during the day.

Carbonated soft drinks is another leading source of sugar. Most carbonated drinks on the market contain citric acid and phosphoric, which work at wearing away teeth enamel.

Remember, no food is considered bad on its own. To enjoy all types of food and drink, you should maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Call our office today, to schedule your routine dental check-up.
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