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How Much Toothpaste is Actually the Right Amount?

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Tropic Dental
How Much Toothpaste is Actually the Right Amount?You can hardly find any toothpaste ad where the paste isn't slathered across the full length of a brush. But recent scientific reports suggest that using that much toothpaste every time can actually do more harm than good. First, too much toothpaste can mask some pockets of plaque and food debris around your mouth, making your mouth feel cleaner than it really is. This can severely limit the effectiveness of your regular brushing. In fact, some dentists argue that it's better to brush first without toothpaste, then brush again with toothpaste if your mouth feels clean enough.

Too much toothpaste might also expose your dentition and entire body to excessive levels of fluoride. Fluoride helps strengthen your enamel and forestall various teeth problems. But in excessive quantities, it interacts with other minerals, leading to disproportionate ratios of minerals in the mouth. This condition is known as fluorosis and usually manifests as yellowish patches on the tooth's surface. The distorted formulation of minerals on the teeth also gives rise to ragged tooth's surface that bacteria and food particles can lurk around in, making it much more difficult to brush your teeth effectively. At worse, fluorises can set off tooth decay and eventually tooth loss.

However, adult teeth that have already matured aren't swamped with as many minerals as developing teeth in children, so the risk of mineralization that leads to flourosis is relatively lesser in adults.

So, How Much Toothpaste is Too Much?

We believe that using any amount greater than a pea-sized of toothpaste is less ideal. Not only does it expose you to the risks of fluorosis over time, but it's also a waste of toothpaste. But a pea-sized amount provides your mouth with all the fluoride and washing power that it needs to expunge bacteria and plaque and leave your teeth squeaky clean. For kids, a grain-size amount also provides similar benefits and also prevents your kids from accidentally swallowing excessive amounts of toothpaste.

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